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Streamcore uses Fortress connections to multiple backbone providers, and peering with many carriers on a regional and international basis, allows it to easily reach remote networks even in the case where a NAP may be unhealthy, or when a specific backbone connection is down. Intelligent routing decisions can always be made; for example, if we are trying to reach a remote network which is on the Sprint network, there's no reason to send it out to UUNET first.

By placing core nodes with quality providers, the Data Center is guaranteed a level of competent service. All of the network's core nodes employ SONET networks, which essentially provides a dual-redundant, counter-rotating ring technology, and in the event of a fiber cut, the SONET will automatically heal itself.

The facility staff work around the clock to ensure that the network is operating at optimum state. They continually review collected statistics to watch for traffic trends so that we can react with the proper routing adjustments and bandwidth addition.

99% Uptime Guaranteed!
We guarantee that your website will be available to the internet 99% or better every month.
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Streamcore offers a wide range of products and services. You can host your ASP.NET applications with us, we have full Visual Studio .NET compatibility. If you prefere to work with Macromedia Dreamweaver and Coldfusion MX 7 we can fully support all the features. Your hosting account will usualy be setup within 24 hours after you have placed your order. We also have logo service, webdesign and graphic design services that makes your company stand out. To fully get out the most of your web precence we can also offer you search engine optimization and offer you a free web site analysis. With our hosting packages you have access to a plesk controlpanel packed with features. You will have total control over your mail accounts. If you need more seo marketing service please contact us and we will find a solution that suites your company needs. We can also produce high quality macromedia flash applikations and multimedia content for internet or cd. We outsource our network to Fortress that guarentees 99.999% uptime on our windows servers. Use our mssql servers to store your information. If you prefere php our hosting if perfect for you.